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For the CBT course at Team Valley Motorcycle Training (TVMT), it’s essential to dress in the appropriate attire. This includes a proper jacket, motorcycle jeans, or heavy jeans without any holes. Your footwear should be durable and offer ankle protection. Only motorcycle gloves are allowed. Considering the unpredictability of weather, wearing waterproof gear is advisable, especially if rain is anticipated, as the course at TVMT proceeds regardless of weather conditions. The CBT course is structured around five essential elements, which must be completed sequentially at TVMT. Progression to the next element is contingent upon the instructor’s approval, confirming that you have acquired the requisite theoretical knowledge and demonstrated practical skills at a basic level of safety. Remember to bring your UK driving licence (photocard version) and your glasses or contact lenses, if you usually need them, to TVMT.



The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) syllabus in the UK covers essential skills and knowledge necessary for safe and responsible riding on the road. While the exact syllabus may vary slightly depending on the training provider, here’s a general overview of what the CBT typically includes:

  1. Introduction and Eyesight Check:
    • Introduction to the training course, including its objectives and requirements.
    • Eyesight check to ensure the candidate meets the minimum eyesight standards for riding.
  2. On-Site Training:
    • Introduction to the motorcycle/scooter and its controls.
    • Basic motorcycle/scooter safety checks 
    • Understanding the motorcycle’s primary controls: throttle, brakes, clutch (if applicable), gears (if applicable), and steering.
    • Slow-speed control and balance exercises, including maneuvering, figure-of-eights, and U-turns.
    • Emergency braking exercises to develop braking skills and hazard awareness.
    • Observation and awareness training, including scanning for hazards and planning routes.
  3. On-Road Training:
    • Practical on-road training with an instructor.
    • Emphasis on road positioning, signaling, and effective observation.
    • Practice in various traffic conditions, including urban and rural environments.
    • Guidance on dealing with common hazards, such as junctions, roundabouts, and pedestrian crossings.
    • Instruction on how to interact safely with other road users, including cars, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  4. Highway Code and Road Safety:
    • Classroom-based instruction on key elements of the Highway Code relevant to motorcycle riding.
    • Discussion of road safety principles, including defensive riding techniques and anticipating potential dangers.
  5. Post-CBT Assessment:
    • Evaluation of the candidate’s performance throughout the training.
    • Feedback on areas of strength and areas needing improvement.
    • Certification upon successful completion of the CBT, valid for two years.

It’s important to note that while the CBT provides essential training for beginner riders, it does not replace full motorcycle training or a motorcycle license. Riders must continue to practice and gain experience on the road after completing the CBT, and many choose to pursue additional training and testing to obtain a full motorcycle license.

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When persuading people to book with your service or course, consider emphasizing the unique benefits and values you offer. Tailor these points to match your specific services, such as motorcycle training, for a more compelling argument:

  1. Expert Instruction: Our team consists of highly experienced and certified instructors who are passionate about motorcycle safety and education. They provide personalized attention to ensure that every learner gains the skills and confidence needed for safe riding.
  2. Comprehensive Training Programs: We offer a range of courses designed to cater to riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Each program is structured to provide a solid foundation in motorcycle handling, safety techniques, and road awareness, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any riding situation.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our training is conducted in safe, controlled environments equipped with the latest resources and technology to facilitate effective learning. For on-road training, we carefully select routes that expose learners to a variety of real-world traffic conditions and challenges.
  4. Flexible Scheduling: Understanding the busy lives of our clients, we offer flexible scheduling options, including weekend and evening classes, to accommodate your availability.
  5. Success Rate: Our track record speaks for itself, with a high success rate among our trainees in passing their tests and achieving certification. Our goal is to not just help you pass but to ensure you become a competent and confident rider.
  6. Supportive Community: Booking with us means you’re not just getting training; you’re joining a community of motorcycle enthusiasts. We offer ongoing support, advice, and events to keep you engaged and improving your riding skills long after you’ve completed your course.
  7. Safety Focus: Safety is our top priority. We emphasize defensive riding techniques and the importance of proper gear, preparing you to ride safely under various conditions.
  8. Customer Satisfaction: We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, from the moment you book with us through the completion of your training and beyond. Our team is dedicated to your success and satisfaction as a rider.

Highlighting these points can help illustrate why booking with your service is a valuable investment for potential clients, setting you apart from competitors and establishing trust in the quality and benefits of your offerings.