Direct Access

Direct Access to Full Bike Licence with Team Valley Motorcycle Training (TVMT)

Start your path to complete motorcycling liberty through Team Valley Motorcycle Training’s Direct Access (DAS) course, designed to secure your full bike licence. Our all-inclusive training prepares you to confidently navigate the transition from novice or mid-level biker to a full UK bike licence holder. Guided by our skilled instructors, including the expert leadership of Chris Scott, TVMT pledges to provide unparalleled training that focuses on safety, expertise, and the exhilaration of biking.”

Why Choose Direct Access with TVMT?

  • Fast Track to Freedom: The Direct Access Scheme allows riders aged 24 and over to bypass the power restrictions of lower-category licences, granting the ability to ride any motorcycle, regardless of power, upon successful completion of the course. It’s the quickest route to enjoying the full spectrum of motorcycling.

    Expert Instruction: At TVMT, you’ll learn from the best. Our instructors are not only DVSA certified but also passionate riders with years of experience on the road and in training environments. They’re here to share their wealth of knowledge, ensuring you become a skilled, safe, and confident rider.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our training center boasts modern classrooms, a variety of motorcycles for training, and a dedicated area for off-road practice. These facilities support a conducive learning environment, allowing you to focus on mastering your riding skills.

    Comprehensive Training Program: The DAS course covers everything from the basics of motorcycle handling to advanced riding techniques and road safety principles. You’ll engage in both practical riding sessions and theoretical discussions, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of motorcycling.

    Personalized Approach: Recognizing that every rider has unique strengths and areas for improvement, our courses are tailored to individual needs. This personalized attention ensures that you get the most out of your training experience, setting you up for success on your test day and beyond.

    What Does the Course Include?

    CBT (Compulsory Basic Training): If you haven’t completed your CBT, it’s the starting point, providing you with the essential skills to ride safely on public roads.

    Motorcycle Theory Test: A key component of the licensing process, focusing on road safety, riding regulations, and best practices.

    Module 1 (Off-Road Skills Test): This practical test assesses your ability to handle a motorcycle in various off-road scenarios, including manoeuvres such as U-turns, emergency stops, and slalom.

    Module 2 (On-Road Riding Test): The final step before earning your licence, this test evaluates your road riding skills, including situational awareness, adherence to traffic laws, and interaction with other road users.

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Ready to Ride?

Whether you dream of cruising on a high-powered sportbike, touring the countryside on an adventure motorcycle, or simply enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with a full motorcycle licence, TVMT’s Direct Access Scheme is your path forward.

Under the new management of Chris Scott, we are more dedicated than ever to providing exceptional motorcycle training. Our team is excited to support you on your journey to becoming a fully licensed rider, equipped with the skills and confidence to enjoy every ride to its fullest.

Contact Team Valley Motorcycle Training today to learn more about our Direct Access course and take the first step towards unlimited motorcycling freedom. Your adventure starts here.